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Nicola Morandini

Nicola Morandini was born in 1970 and lives in Merano (BZ). After his studies in forestry, he worked as a planner, consultant, educator and teacher. Since he was a child he has been dealing with photography. He attended workshops at the International FORMA Photography Center in Milan and workshops held by various masters of Italian photography, such as Marco Vacca, Giovanni Pelloso, Lorenzo Cicconi Massi, Davide Monteleone, Alex Majoli and Guido Guidi. His work has favored social reporting in the first instance. For some time he has turned his attention to the territory, with the intention of using medium format photography to capture the extraordinary nature of the ordinary.


00A Gallery Exhibitions
- Soltanto un chilometro
- Photography Project
- Moon Landing

00A Gallery Photozines
- Moon Landing
From the Project "Guardrail"
From the Project "Short_Circuits - Savignano"
From the Project "Moon Landing"
From the Project "Sa Sardigna"
From the Project "Drei/3/III"

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