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Massimo Giovannini

I was born in Trento in the 1973 (29 of may)
I love make diptychs
I donít like zoom lenses
I use film or digital (it depends on my mood)
My project are 90% made with film
To today I prefer to shoot in colour photography
Since 2007 I do ADV and commercial photography.
In all my COMMERCIAL works I do both picture and concept
In all my PROJECT I do the same, obviously
I donít like social media for professional usage
Iím co-founder of MAUVE53 group
I like social media for personal usage
I donít shoot pictures in 2:3 format (vertical)
I shoot pictures in SQUARE, 4:3, 3:4, 6:7 e 7:6 format
Iím radical chic
I shoot with medium and large format camera
Iím tolerant vegetarian
I hate violence, also the verbal one
Sometimes I use 35mm camera but I crop the photos
Iím a strong supporter of the "theory of Natural Selection": if you are stupid you can die
From 2018 some of my picture are represented by the agency PLAINPICTURE


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